Gathot Subroto

Gathot Subroto


Learned photography by himself in Junior High School with Fujica M-1 at least 1985, then he bought SLR Camera with the brand Sea Gull when studying in Senior High School, 1987 and continued with college in STAN (Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara) in 1990 until 1993. Join with college magazine, Majalah Purnawarman. For the first time interested in photography after graduating from Senior High School, I learned how to process black/white film from Mr. Purnomo, a specialist for express photo service in Wonosari Bus Station, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. When he studied in STAN, he learned photography by reading a book from Pr. Dr. R.M. Soelarko, Foto Indonesia Magazine (which only printed 3 editions), and Fotomedia Magazine (which was published without a routine schedule). But the book he liked was MAT KODAK by Ed Zoelevardi. With his interest in photography, he few times studied at the College Journalistic Workshop in Jakarta. In 1993, joined the Fotomedia Photography Club after buying a used camera, a Nikon 801s, and a Sigma Lens 27-70 f2.8 APO. In this club, he has formal photography learning and joined monthly routine meetings with other members and workshops. In 1996, he formed a photo club in the Economic Faculty at the University of Indonesia, Extension Program, and have several times conducted photo exhibitions. Active in the Digital Era after buying Nikon D100 in 2003, and active in many photography forums such as Fotografer.Net (FN),, forum kamera,, and many others. From May until August 2010, has been chosen to join Special Class Photojournalism in Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara, Jakarta. As of late 2011, he has been trusted by Fujifilm Inc. as an X-Photographer (Official Photographer of Fujifilm) The activity right now besides working as an employee in state state-holder company become a photography teacher in some Photo Courses. He is also offered to be a mentor in many Photography Courses and workshops, Mentoring for Photo Hunting, and building his website: to share photos.


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