Rahmat Hidayat

Rahmat Hidayat


In 2008, I was involved in the world of tourism and documented many moments of travel, but as time went by, in 2011 I became interested in getting into the world of photography, I was interested in capturing moments of culture, nature, and the activities of people in general.

With minimal photographic equipment at that time I was using a Canon 5D Mark II camera with 17-40mm and 70-200mm lenses, I maximized what I had.

However, in 2014 my photography hobby really paid off because at that time there were a lot of photographers from within and outside the country who wanted to come to my place to capture cultural moments, nature, or people’s activities, coincidentally where I live now is not far away. from the Mount Bromo area.

Photography changes my perspective because what I have done so far requires observation, interaction, and communication so that comfort is formed in my work.