Yap Kok Hing


57-year-old, Malaysian-born-Chinese and an amateur photographer who pursues minimalism, harmony, tranquillity, and subjects that with aesthetic elements pleasing to the eyes.  Through photography, I learn to observe the mysteries and changes of nature which deepens my respect and obedience to the Almighty who created the entire heaven and earth.

I fond of photography ever since secondary school time but only be able to own a film camera in 1992 and a digital camera in 2004 due to financial and time constraints. I did not treat photography seriously at first until influenced and encouraged by a good friend of mine. My photography journey kicked off as I began to spend time joining a photography tour and registered myself as a life member in a local photographic association in early 2008.
Influenced by him, I started to take photographs almost in every genre of photography from macro, landscapes, documentaries, and portraits.

In order to get recognition, I participate in some of photography competitions and summited my works to the world’s oldest photographic society – The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (RPS) for distinction.

I was really fortunate to have grated an associate (ARPS) in 2009 and 2 fellowships (FRPS) in 2012 and 2014 respectively. I was announced as the Fellowship of the Year 2015 by the society.

Subsequently, I realized that most of my works seem lacking off some aesthetic elements pleasing to the eyes and I started to divert my photography focus towards black and white fine art, minimalism, architecture, and landscapes genre of photography.