Haryanto Devcom

Haryanto Devcom


Professional black and white photographer based in Jakarta, interest is nature and landscape photography, and greatly influenced by west coast photography.

Leave office in 2007 and started to dedicate all of his time to his photography works ever since. His passion for photography, particularly black and white, has altered his photography direction and he started using large format cameras as his main equipment.

Frequent use Ebony RW45 and Linhof Technika 2000 with some of his favorite lenses including Nikor 500 mm, Schneider K 65, 75, 90, and also Rodenstock 210, 300. He owns a darkroom where he processes his photographs by himself. Haryanto use digital camera mostly for his professional assignment. His clients are including various companies in Indonesia and international organizations. He also teaches photography since 2009 in various workshops and courses.

As a Fujifilm GFX ambassador  still used analog photography and  GFX Camera


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