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Where the Landscapes Tell Stories


10 Days
Tour Price:
From $2,900
Oct 24 - Nov 3, 2024
Activity Level:
Group Size:
Maximum 6 Participants
Small Group Charge:
Slot Available:
6 Participants


Embark on an extraordinary photography tour through the enchanting landscapes of Mongolia, a land of timeless beauty
and rugged wilderness. This immersive expedition offers photographers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture the
essence of this captivating country, where ancient traditions and breathtaking scenery converge in a mesmerizing tapestry of visual delights. Your journey begins in the vibrant capital city of Ulaanbaatar, where the spirit of Mongolia’s rich cultural heritage infuses every street corner and bustling marketplace. Here, amidst the juxtaposition of modernity and tradition, you’ll find endless opportunities to capture the vibrant colors and dynamic energy of urban life.

Leaving the city behind, you’ll venture into the vast expanse of the Mongolian countryside, where the landscape transforms into a symphony of rolling steppes, towering mountains, and pristine lakes. Led by expert guides with intimate knowledge of the terrain, you’ll journey deep into the heart of this untamed wilderness, discovering hidden gems and remote vistas that few have had the privilege to witness. Throughout your expedition, you’ll have the chance to encounter the nomadic herders who call these rugged landscapes home, learning about their ancient way of life and capturing the timeless beauty of their daily rituals. Whether it’s capturing the rugged strength of a nomad on horseback against the backdrop of a sweeping valley or the quiet intimacy of a family gathered around a campfire beneath a starlit sky, each moment offers a glimpse into a world unchanged by time.

As you traverse the Mongolian countryside, you’ll be captivated by the ever-changing light and mood of the landscape, from the soft pastel hues of dawn breaking over the horizon to the fiery brilliance of sunset casting long shadows across the rolling hills. With each passing moment, you’ll find new inspiration and new opportunities to create images that resonate with the soul-stirring beauty of Mongolia. But it’s not just the landscapes that will capture your imagination—it’s the rich tapestry of culture and tradition that infuses every aspect of life in Mongolia. From the colorful festivities of traditional festivals to the quiet serenity of ancient monasteries hidden amidst the mountains, you’ll find endless subjects to inspire your creativity and fuel your passion for photography. At the end of each day, as you gather with fellow photographers to review your images and share stories of your adventures, you’ll be filled with a profound sense of gratitude for the experiences you’ve shared and the images you’ve captured. And as you bid farewell to Mongolia, you’ll carry with you not just memories, but a deep appreciation for the timeless beauty of this extraordinary land—a land where the art of photography finds its truest expression amidst the boundless wonders of nature and culture.


  • Car
  • Driver
  • Guide
  • Hotel
  • Meal except in Ulaanbaatar (Breakfast, Dinner, and Lunch)
  • Mineral Water
  • Local flight in Mongolia


  • Visa
  • Extra Luggage for local flight
  • Meal in Ulaanbaatar (Breakfast, Dinner and Lunch)
  • Personal needs
  • Tipping Guide
  • Alcohol and Liquor

Add On

  • Single room supplement $500


Haryanto Devcom
Chaerul Umam




  • Meeting Point at Genghis Khan International Airport at Almaty
  • Afternoon: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Check into your hotel and rest
  • Evening: Enjoy a traditional Mongolian

  • Flight to Ulgii
  • Afternoon: Upon arrival, settle in at your accommodation and head out for photography
    sessions, capturing the stunning scenery surrounding Ulgii.
  • Evening: Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant, savoring traditional Kazakh cuisine, known for its
    flavorful meats and dairy products.

  • Full Day: Spend the day immersed in photography
  • Meals: Enjoy picnic-style meals amidst nature, packed with local snacks and
    beverages to keep you energized throughout the day.

  • Full Day: Continue your photography expedition in Western Mongolia, focusing on different perspectives and landscapes.
  • Meals: Stop for lunch at a local nomadic family’s ger (traditional Mongolian
    dwelling), experiencing authentic hospitality and cuisine.

  • Flight to Ulaanbaatar from Khovd City
  • Morning: Depart from Khovd city for your flight back to Ulaanbaatar.
  • Afternoon: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to your hotel. Take some time to rest or explore the city at your leisure.
  • Evening: Dine at one of Ulaanbaatar’s renowned restaurants, indulging in
    Mongolian barbecue and other delicacies

  • Morning: Fly to the Gobi Desert region. Upon arrival, embark on a scenic drive to the iconic sand dunes.
  • Afternoon: Explore the towering sand dunes, capturing the shifting patterns and hues as the sun sets over the desert.
  • Accommodation: Spend the night in a comfortable ger camp near the dunes,
    enjoying the tranquility of the desert night


  • Full Day: Spend the day photographing the unique landscapes and wildlife of the Gobi Desert. Capture images of the rugged terrain, nomadic herders, and elusive desert fauna.
  • Meals: Enjoy a picnic-style lunch amidst the desert landscape, with refreshing beverages and local snacks.

  • Morning: Capture the final moments of your Gobi photography expedition before departing for Dalanzadgad city.
  • Afternoon: Arrive in Dalanzadgad and check into your accommodation. Take some time to rest or explore the city.
  • Evening: Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant, sampling regional specialties before
    bidding farewell to the Gobi Desert.

  • Morning: Catch a flight back to Ulaanbaatar from Dalanzadgad.
  • Afternoon: Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel and spend the rest of the day at your leisure.
  • Evening: Celebrate your journey with a farewell dinner at a fine dining establishment in
  • Ulaanbaatar, reminiscing over your adventures in Mongolia

  • Morning: Depending on your flight schedule, enjoy breakfast at your hotel before transferring to the airport for your departure.
  • Afternoon: Departure from Ulaanbaatar, bringing an end to your memorable photography expedition in Mongolia


Health Requirments

Necessary Covid-19 Vaccinations, ​International Medical and Travel Insurance Coverage.

Cancellation Policy

Your deposit is a firm commitment, and will be subject to a cancellation fee. For this reason, we recommend trip insurance. Please refer to the Payments, Cancellations, and Refunds section in our terms and conditions for the full details of our policies. Please do not make air travel arrangements until checking with us first.


While these descriptions represent the photo tour’s planned itinerary, we reserve the right to revise it without notice as we see fit. Details on this page are also subject to change without notice, including substitutions of tour leaders. We reserve the right to cancel the tour if the minimum number of participants is not met. And while we don’t anticipate this happening, we reserve the right to adjust the fees for this photo tour due to factors outside of our control, such as fluctuations in currency rates, political or governmental action, new applicable taxes, and related issues. Please do not purchase air travel before confirming with us. Participants are expected to be in fair health and be capable of spending days walking around the various areas while carrying their own equipment and luggage. We can never count on the weather patterns in our destination. For this reason, we have our list of beautiful locations we’ll be going to, but we need to keep our schedule fluid, as we will be adapting to changing weather conditions on the ground.



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